Travel planning should be fun
So why isn't it?

The story of Trameter

The Problem - travel is fun! Planning travel is not

The reality of spending hours searching through hundreds of hotels, flights and experiences is all too painful to make it fun

The Impact - vacations become unappealing

With no simple way to enter our budget, set our preferences and instantly get curated results,planning vacations became a chore

The Solution - Trameter

That's why we built Trameter - a free app that uses your budget and preferences to instantly create a personalized results for you. Now you can enjoy planning travel like never before!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instant Packages are personalized travel packages created from your budget and preferences in seconds. 3 things define an Instant Package: personalized preferences, personalized budgets, and instant results.

In comparison to vacation packages which are 100% generic, pre-created for only some locations and dates, have specific costs that may not be out of your budget, and show you a generic lists of results, Instant Packages is not locked to any budget, date, or location. It is 100% personalized to you.

From a pool of hundreds of hotels and flights, we use your selected preferences to find the hotels and flights that best matches them. We then automatically combine the hotel and flight to match your budget

Trameter charges no service or hidden fees. All prices are pulled directly from our third party inventory. We also give you a simple breakdown of your package so you know what your hotel or flight cost

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